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Close your eyes. Imagine a stylish party with people talking around a drink. Somebody is entering the room, and everyone is looking at it. Now, what if this somebody was you?

Why latex?

Latex is a very singular material, it is more than clothes, it is awakening all our senses. Everything in it is combined to make you leave a unique clothing experience: brightness, smoothness but also its unique scent.


The workshop

We realize all our clothes and accessories on demand in our workshop in the department of the Puy-de-Dôme according to a Haute-Couture process called draping. First, pieces are draped with fabric on a mannequin, then we draw patterns on paper and adapt them to latex characteristics. We make a high quality garment through this long and skillful process. This handmade work is letting you customize your clothes according to your desires so feel free to contact us !

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Your satisfaction

We place your satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

A sustainable production

Natural material extracted from rubber tree and vegan

Products quality

Our production lengths are longer as we make most of the pieces on-demand


All our products are (and will always) be made in France