Latex is a unique material, though you must be cautious when putting on, looking after and storing it, you can freely enjoy such a singular material once you assimilate these use precautions. Don’t panic! You will get a small recap with each of your order to be sure that you can enjoy your clothes for a long time

Pulling on a latex garment

Though latex is a very extensible material, it can rip if you are not very cautious and patient. You must pay utmost attention with your nails and jewels when you put the garment on as they can damage it. Latex tends to stick to the skin so we recommend that you apply talc inside the garment and directly on your skin for an easier putting on. You can also use specific products like Vividress from Vivishine straight on your skin. Caution: do not use other lubricants than those especially made for putting latex on as they may weaken the seams.

A glossy touch?

We recommend that you use a polish like Vivishine to make your latex clothes shine. You can apply it with a cloth when you have the garment on or you can add it to water after you cleaned your garment.

Washing latex

We recommend that you wash your latex after every use to keep it as beautiful as the day you bought it. To do so, you should soak it 15 to 30 minutes into lukewarm water (30 – 40 °C) with Viviclean or mild shampoo, and rinse it inside and out with clear water. To dry it, just hang it on a (non-metal) hanger away from sunlight or heat sources.

Storing latex

To store it, we recommend that you coat it with Vivishine or talc and you hang it in a dry place out of light. We recommend that you powder your garment with talc if you fold it, inside and out. Then put fabric, tissue or silk paper to separate different-colored apparel as they can fade on each other (you can store clothes in various bags, one for each color). You must also be careful with the zip sliders on clothes as they can stain light latex if you fold it.

Caution! Use precautions

Latex is a unique material that is sensitive to several things that can damage it permanently :

  • You should ban solvents and oily products as they soak into latex and damage it irreversibly.
  • Like any classic garment, long-term exposure to sunlight can fade the latex, an extreme heat is also dangerous (more than 40 °C, beware of candles, heaters, etc.) as latex is very flammable.
  • Latex can be weakened or partly faded by extreme humidity rate or an extended immersion. In that case, we recommend that you hang the latex over a hanger and let it dry for several days.
  • Metals can permanently stain light latex, especially copper (bronze, brass). Nicotine and perfume (be careful with fingerprints) can also stain it. Wash your garment if you see stains on it. You can use nail polish remover if the stain is remaining making sure you don’t apply it on the seams.
  • Sweat could damage latex so you should wash it after every use.
  • You must be careful with sharp objects and nails as latex can rip.