Cufs differents colors and sizes

Size guide



  • Sold individually
  • Size S wrist from 14.5 cm (5,7 inch) to 15.5 cm (6,1 inch)
  • Size M wrist from 16 cm (6,29 inch) to 17 cm (6,69 inch)
  • Size L wrist from 17.5 cm (6,89 inch) to 18.5 cm (7,28 inch)


Ideal for beginners, it will spice up your wardrobe! It’s also a good way to test the feel of the latex and check that you are not allergic.

Latex care :

Hand-wash with Viviclean or mild shampoo in lukewarm water. For more details, click here.


Made of :

100% natural latex, vegan product.

CAUTION : make sure you’re not allergic


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