Les Bougies de Morphée

In 2018, Morphée is passionate about making candles for wax play. Applied to the body, they will offer you a whole range of sensations.

After many tests and reflections, he decides to offer you quality candles:

– 100% natural wax.

– non-greasy to be able to remove the wax easily.

– with 3 power levels to allow you to choose according to the sensitivities of each person and the parts of the body targeted.

The results being up to his expectations, you will be able to find in his shop good quality candles in various forms, some of which are unique, created by himself with molds of his own making.

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Trafick Le Sexe Club

Le Trafick is a club located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

If you decide to spend an evening there, do not hesitate to take a tour of their shop, you will find a small selection of my products there.

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