You should give me your bust measurement, your underbust measurement, your waist measurement and your hip measurement if you want your clothes tailored. Based on the design you choose, you may have to take other measurements.

How to take your measurements

When you take your measurements, the tape measure must be straight and not too tight or loose (you must be able to breathe and the tape mustn’t slip).

The bust : you must place the tape at the fullest part of your bust (roughly at your breast level) and go under your arms.
The under bust : measure the circumference of your chest under your breast.
The waist : You must measure size at the thinnest part of the waist. Small tip: you can wrap the tape loosely around your waist and let it go around a bit from left to right. It will then naturally fit under the thinnest part that you just need to measure. This part is above the navel and under the rib cage.
The hip : you must measure the strongest part of the bottom (if in doubt, you can take several measurements and only keep the greatest) wrapping the tape around it.
Sleeves length : you must measure the length from the tip of your shoulder to the bone of your wrist. Make sure to keep your arms against your body. Feel free to ask for help if necessary.

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