The designer

Both the wishes to design uncommon clothes and share a passion with you gave life to Sigrid Latex. The best reward is to see you happy and full of confidence in that clothes.

The story began after design and art history studies when Sigrid looked to a subject she took up to her bachelor’s degree : tailoring. She had a childhood dream in her spirit: to be able to be whoever we want thanks to the magic of our clothes.

Today, she is looking to latex. It rang a bell to her when she met this matter through cosplay. She immediately felt strong and confident when she touched latex, its smooth and shiny film, when she wore it. Since then, she has decided to share her passion through her skills to create elegant and sensual clothes for your greatest pleasure.


Your satisfaction

Your satisfaction is at the heart of my concerns. May you have any question or request you can therefore contact me. I think your worries are fundamental, so do not hesitate to ask me for any information. Answering your questions allows me to know what is important to you and to better meet your needs.

A sustainable production

The latex used is made from a natural substance extracted from rubber tree, making it a renewable and vegan material. Most of the latex is imported from England. Although more expensive than latex from Asia, it is of much better quality and it is manufactured under more ethical conditions, which is also very important to me.

I decided to use fully recyclable packaging and to ban as far as possible the use of plastic as our environmental impact is a matter of concerns.

Products quality

The quality of the products is key for me; therefore, I focus on the production of each piece. Production lengths are longer as I make most of the pieces on-demand. This decision is allowing me to guarantee quality clothes made with passion.


All my products are (and will always) be made in France in my workshop in Auvergne. Whenever feasible, I decided to work with French suppliers to limit as far as possible CO2 emissions and foster local employment. I have decided to promote partnerships with local companies to support small businesses and help in stimulating my region.