Why choose the right size of latex clothing?

Have you ever wondered how to choose your size to buy a latex garment? or maybe you have already been disappointed because the size was not adapted to your morphology? You’ve come to the right place!


Nowadays in France there are few shops selling latex clothing, most of us have to buy them online. But in this casehow to choose the right size without trying it? A latex garmenttoo tight is very uncomfortable, but too loose the result will be very different from what is expected.

To avoid all this hassle, take the time to take your measurements and consult the size scale of the brand. It is not necessary to reduce our measurements to have a more tight-fitting garment and if you do not correspond to a size (or if you are between two sizes) of the scale, it is recommended to opt for tailor-made so as not to be disappointed. In any case, do not hesitate to contact the creator of the latex parts, he will be able to advise you!


To choose the right size, see the scale on the site

Most latex clothing sellers are small designers, everyone has a size scale – that is to say a table grouping measurements and sizes to know where to position yourself – and it is important to remember that they can all be a little different! There is no law governing sizes and therefore it is not uncommon (and you have surely already seen this elsewhere in classic clothing) that the sizes are not equivalent, especially if you are ordering from a foreign country !

To be sure you have the right size, you must bring a tape measure and take your measurements . It would be a shame to invest in a nice piece of clothing only to realize at the reception that it does not suit you, right?

No tape measure? do not panic ! you can also use a string, a cord, a shoelace etc to go around your body and then measure the string using a ruler. Don’t hesitate to get help, it’s easier with two people.The most common measurements to take are the chest circumference, the waist circumference, the hip circumference, the arm circumference if the garment has sleeves. I see you coming, to take the arm circumference don’t tense your muscles! take the natural measurement of the slightly bent arm, otherwise you risk having a sleeve that is too big.

All the info you need is in this video:


To have a suitable size, do not reduce your measurements to have a tighter garment

Do you like tight clothes? You’ve probably considered ordering the size down to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit. This is something that I do not recommend at all!! Trust the designers, they each apply their own rules to ensure that the garment is tight if the fit requires it. By giving smaller (therefore wrong) measurements, you risk ending up with an uncomfortable garment. This is the most annoying for clothes with sleeves or pants, because the latex can come to tighten in a very unpleasant way.

So what? I would strongly advise you to contact the designer to let him know what you want and find the most suitable size sets.


Help, my body doesn’t fit any of the sizes on the scale!?!?

It may happen that our body does not correspond to any of the sizes, or that we are between two sizes. This is a much more common scenario than you might think. In this case, it is necessary to seek advice from the craftsman and consider made-to-measure. Why this advice? On a garment that we want close to the body, if for example, your hips are thinner than the scale, the garment may make potentially unsightly folds. To be sure not to be disappointed, it is better to have clothing that is well suited to you. The price of made-to-measure varies from one designer to another, some do not add supplements, others charge a package, it is also possible to find a supplement in the form of percentage of the garment’s price. Whatever happens, I advise to contact the manufacturer to dispel his doubts and ask him at the same time for his prices.